25 things NOT to be SaiD in OrKuT!!!

  1. I forgot to scrap you
  2. Am I boring u?
  3. Why don’t you write me a testi?
  4. I can’t understand stylish fonts…They are sick!
  5. I am here for dating
  6. Change ur status msg
  7. U went mad??
  8. Update ur profile…Get a life
  9. Hey plss add me….U look like my previous girl friend

10.  I hate writing testis

11.  Hey I want to make friendship with you

12.  What the f**k? The photos are taking time to load!

13.  Why do you always peep into my profile?

14.  Add me if you only know my  email

15.  Hey, come let’s chat in gtalk!

16.  What my status in ur friends list?

17.  Do you like new Orkut look?

18.  Get lost

19.  Send me new Orkut invitation

20.  Hey, U have Facebook account?

21.  Twitter rocks!!

22.  I hate this new Orkut look

23.  Kudos to Orkut!

24.  Upload ur original photo..I wana see you

25.  Mom is calling me…signing off..bye


7 comments on “25 things NOT to be SaiD in OrKuT!!!

  1. rohini says:

    ya most f dm(thngs nt 2 do) realy irritate u wn dy r done r said 2 u esp skng u 2 write a testi 4 dm, it realy sucks.

  2. puri says:

    racha racha……konni konni nenu use chestanu…..haha…..its very embarrassing ga untundhi use chesinapudu….enduku ani ipudu artham aindhi

  3. Sruthi says:

    nice ones. but tell me are these ur original compilations?

  4. Sruthi says:

    abba cha. chaalaa chesaav 😛

  5. preeti says:

    hey nice ones.. sply da 9th one 😛 .. and almost everyone has faced almost al of dem.. 🙂

  6. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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