All the way to Brazil

Last year winter was one of my unforgettable winter moments. There are 2 reasons for this. One, the nights in that winter were so cold and I wrapped myself in thick blanket (which I love it 🙂 ). The second, I have access to net from my computer. As we all do in nights’, I was at my PC, busy in orkuting. Well bored with chat, I thought of playing Chess. I logged into chess application and I was challenged by someone named “Stra letici”. While playing, the weirdo named person started chatting with me in the chat box in the chess game. A few lines of the chat that I remember:

Stra: alô!, olá!

Me: Hey, are u human? Or alien?

Stra: Yes, am I human

Me:  definitely not 😛

Stra: name is Stra Leticia galindo

Me: I am Sunil from Vizag

Stra: ???

Me: India

Stra: me Brazil. Do u wat?

Me: I am a student…

Stra: goood…me to student school goes

Me: U speak??

Stra: Portugese..and English some

Me: Ya I can see that

Stra: How u can see me? I am seeing u not

This was how our chat started and we used to meet online, not too often but at times when I don’t get sleep and stick to my PC at 1.00 or 2.00am. The way she speaks gives me giggles and I cant stop myself from laughing. Sometimes, she types messages like this:

I can make more questions?

The girls love seen boys do know u what how there?

Well, she means – Can I ask some questions? And the second one is Do u know how the girls in your country loves boys or probably see boys?

But, since a month or so, I was unable to meet her online and I miss this funny conversations.

P.S. Leticia …Voce balanca 🙂 (U rock)

I was not coming online frequently since a month. You Ask me why? Coz, she was reading a book on India since 2 months and was shooting me with 3 to 4 questions per minute in Portugese which I need to translate them into English and translate my answers back into Portuguese. She, in one of our chats, said an interesting fact  that Brazilians love India and a book on India is the hot selling cake(thats the book she was reading).

India rocks in Brazil 🙂


4 comments on “All the way to Brazil

  1. chiru says:

    ha ha..good one dude.

  2. Sruthi says:

    neeku opika ekkuvaindi. naaku portugese eppudu nerpistunnav?

  3. Sruthi- Ya…give me ur first salary..i will teach u Portugese.. 🙂

    Chiru – Thanx Buddy 🙂

  4. Sruthi says:

    anta atyaasa paniki raadu 😛

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