Do we need something in common???

I was surfing through the TV channels and finally came to a halt at NDTV around 8:45PM and there was a debate going on hosted by well known lady of the show, Barkha Dutt. There was some hot discussion going on and hardly I could hear words like language, no compromise, China as there was a cross conversation going on. I was about to change the channel when I got a catch of a scrolling running in the bottom which means:

“Should we need to have a common language and is Hindi the answer to it?”

The topic was quite interesting to me as I heard the word China from one of the person speaking. So I got tuned in to the show.

A middle aged woman was saying that Hindi having a status of National language can and should be a fine solution in having a common language across the country. She further says that common language helps in easy communication throughout the country and also binds the people.

One young lady picks up saying that Why only Hindi?? English is widely taught in most of the schools in the country and this can act as a common linkage throughout the country. Bharka then reminds the words of Kapil Sibal, Hon’ Minister of HRD, saying that the three formula system must be followed throughout the country.

Well, the three formula system is having mother tongue, Hindi and English be taught across the country so that anyone who needs to visits other states can easily get along with Hindi and in case if he/she goes out of country, English is the savior.

Then, one old man (well known, but I don’t get his name 😦 ) spoke about the three formula system saying that this is not the only solution available and language is not the only source that binds the people of India. Adding to it, he said that the only binding force under which our country runs is the Pluralism we have adapted. An apt example of Unity in Diversity.

Bharka then concludes saying that a common language is not the only way for us to meet the differences in the North and the South. The three language is not the complete solution to it. Whatever the points have been raised, the one that we all agree is that language is not the only thing that binds us and Pluralism is what binds us the most.

Well, I was unable to watch more as it tuned in late. I must have tuned in a bit earlier. Anyways, it made me to think “Should we need a common language?”

I can’t completely say that we are not in need of common language. There are many factors that bind us together. This made me remind of a conversation with a Hindi speaking person in a train journey to Mumbai. He was insisting me in making people around me in south learn Hindi so that all are well connected and there’s no problem when a person comes from south. But I questioned him saying why you don’t  learn one of the south Indian languages so that you can connect to the people if you come to South.

I feel why Indians in the north don’t give it a try to learn some or at least one of the languages in the South. But in turn, they demand the people of the south to learn Hindi. The solution to a problem should always be from both sides, not from a side alone. Anyways this is my opinion and is not to criticise anyone.

Whatever might be the possible solution to this problem, one thing that we all must agree is “We are together every second no matter where we are from and what we speak. We always live in harmony in such a diversified nation”. What say???

Kudos to India!!! Cheerio!!!


5 comments on “Do we need something in common???

  1. allaribudugu says:

    I feel that LANGUAGE can never be a barrier for any kind of communication. It just complements one’s expressions.. Just a smile and a hand shake will bring the difference..

  2. Sruthi says:

    nice one sunil. i agree with allaribudugu

  3. shravani says:

    even i do agree with d above one…
    aftr going through this …

    “why you don’t learn one of the south Indian languages ”

    in south we have almost all 5 or more laguages and which are almost diffrent..knowing one language wont work in south India…
    but its not the case with north..Hindi alone can do for som extent..
    because almost all north Indian laguages have a root from Hindi..
    so as far as my knowledge..learing Hindi could develop confidence and we can communicate even with a layman in North India…
    i posted this outof my experience…

  4. @ budugu, sharavani and sruthi

    Thank you for ur comments

  5. liambully says:

    Great, I did not know about that until now. Thankz!

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