151…Experienced Certainty

Once up on a time, there was a placement drive in a reputed private university in the beautiful city of Vizag. The placement drive was conducted by a very well known and established company that makes you experience Certainty. They were very certain in what they want from this college. They did things as per their plan and recruited 151 students. These 151 students were on Cloud 99 as they got into a world class company. Adding to it, they were overjoyed to the thought that they are going to experience certainty, ever experienced by them, in the near future.
Days passed on and the students in the campus slowly started to forget that 151 were recruited into Certainty. Then came a mail from the Certainty congratulating them and sending them their first ever offer letter. They were once again celebrations in the campus and every one talked about it. Days passed on and again there was dead silence from Certainty. On the other side, people started to get into What’s on your mind, Applying Thought, Powered by Intellectuals, High performances delivered, Technology that touches lives and the like. And the 151 were completely forgotten who were once cherished. They rarely showed up anything. But, deep in heart, they were certain that there is something coming for them.
Yes, indeed it came true one day. They got Background Verification Forms and once again 151 were in limelight. Campus started to talk about the latest news and speculations started to spread like fire. But this time too, it did not last long and was flushed with the entry of Rescission, which was even talked by the guards at the campus gate. No more did the campus was visited by companies nor did the mails or news from Certainty. Students started to get busy with the exams and once again no one talked about anything.
Then came the For the people* into limelight with its notifications in newspapers every now and then. Students started to run to fill in the applications and post them as soon as possible. And to everyone surprise the 151 and the students who were into Thought, Mind, Intellectual and the like also applied to For the people. The campus was awe-struck by the step they took. Everyone talked about everyone.
And to the worse, 151 were sent no info from Certainty, but the rest who got into Thoughts, Mind and the like started to get goodies, offer letters, on campus sessions and the like. 151 were felt alone in their very own campus. Confusion and fear surrounded them. No one talked about Certainty nor did Certainty talked with 151. Finally, the day has come when 151 successfully completed the studies and were out into the real world. They were very excited and interested to experience the World of Certainty.
But something was written for them. Months passed on but Certainty did not talk with them. They were frightened and upon contacting those who got into Certainty, 151 came to a conclusion that everyone was same like this. Everyone has the same feelings.
On one day this silence was broken. Certainty started to appear in TV’s giving interviews with business experts and everyone was on their feet. The silence was broken in such a way that speculations were on all time high, like riding on a bull, and spreading like forest fires.
And on one fine morning, magic happened in everyone’s inboxes. They got a mail from Certainty after ages and everyone was excited about the intake, when and where. Celebrations everywhere. The news of first batch joining in coming 2 weeks added to these celebrations. But these did not last long.
As a matter of fact this also created speculations to the maximum possible range. Most of the people were unaware of their joining dates and there was chaos everywhere. Certainty uploaded a revised offer letter reducing 6000 from monthly pay during training. But 151 were keeping their fingers crossed as the very own news of intake of first batch made this pay news so small that no one really cared about it. They were asked to download fro the Certainty site.
Here comes the Certainty certainess. It does not open and incase if it opens it takes a long time. In case if all is going well, there are problems downloading the offer letter. Chaos and confusion everywhere.
Finally, Certainty has put up “System overloaded. Try later”. At least certain they were to some extent.
Let’s see how much certain it will be in the coming months. And after passing these many months, I as one of the 151 still question myself, “Are they really certain on what they are up to?”
P.S. But at the least, I hope that they don’t put up “Certainty overloaded. Try later”. What I can do is Keep my fingers crossed and pray to God to give Certainty to my life. (The feelings of 151 mentioned here reflects how most of the 151 felt, and  I did not feel like this! Infact I felt nothing.)
*For the people- Govt sector companies, What’s on your mind- MindTree, Applying Thought- Wipro, Powered by Intellectuals – Infosys, High performances delivered – Accenture, Technology that touches lives – HCL


2 comments on “151…Experienced Certainty

  1. Hashneet says:

    Amazing article!! It completely describes the true scene of every college!!! Sply of ppl placed with Certaintinty!!

  2. Sunil Ramavarapu says:

    Hashneet :

    Amazing article!! It completely describes the true scene of every college!!! Sply of ppl placed with Certaintinty!!

    Thanks for ur response. Which college are u from??

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