A period of "Nothing"

Well, I have been travelling continuously for the past one month with no time to ping here. You might ask me “What are you doing? Are you that busy?”

The answer is simple and I am doing nothing. Yup! Completely nothing.

There’s nothing left in my wallet to spend, nothing more to shop after looting Fashion Street, nothing more to read from the books I brought in CST, nothing to hear after long chit chats with my sis, nothing left to travel after 5 days of complete exhaustive roaming on the busy streets of Mumbai, nothing seems to be fun left after visiting Essel World, nothing seems to be spiritual after visiting Siddhi Vinayak, nothing seems to be taller after staying for 15 days on the 11th floor of 15 yr old building, nothing left to think that I knew all after visiting IIT Mumbai, nothing left to make me believe that I am brave after observing Mumbaikars carry their routine, nothing left for me to sit in the locals at 11:30 pm while returning to home, nothing left in me after getting ill for 3 days, nothing more left to know about Swine Flu and absolutely nothing I am going to get out of these things.

But there’s something I learnt, “there’s always something that you can learn from this nothing”. I learnt how to bargain and to spend money. I learnt that book reading gives me ultimate enjoyment. I learnt how to cross the busy roads with overloaded shopping bags all over me. I learnt how to get along in a tourist places without any means of extra pay (In tourist spot, people usually get cheated by the auto-walas and cab drivers). I learnt how to hold my breath to the most exciting rides of Essel World. I learnt how to get on to the board of overcrowded local trains of Mumbai. I learnt why people are mad about IIT, after visiting it. I learnt to be brave after watching Mumbaikars (They have experienced 1993 blasts, local train bomb blasts, floods, 26/11 terrorists attacks and the recent Swine flu attack. I bet you sure that you can not even find a bit of terror in them. They stand and face together in these situations. I am proud to be a temporary Mumbaikar. Of course, only 15 days :P). I learnt that life is filled with emotions, excitement, sentiment, friendship, shopping, playing, crying, crossing the hurdles that come in your way (it’s as simple as crossing a street in Mumbai), observing others, understanding yourself, enjoying each and every second of the way you live the life.

Finally, I understood that nothing is something that makes you learn that there is always something that you can learn from this nothing.

P.S. Well, you might be in a confused state after reading this. But read it again, I won’t assure that you can understand, but I assure you will definitely get fixed that you are confused on what I was trying to say. The fact is that I was saying nothing.


One comment on “A period of "Nothing"

  1. very good description of Mumbai life.It’s true that Mumbai ROCKS!!!

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