First Day in Hyderabad (Chalo JTO! #2 )

First Day in Hyderabad

I went right away to my cousin’s home. It is in KPHB colony. I got in to a deluxe city service. I think the bus no. was 226. The FM radio was switched on and it was playing some devotional songs. Whatever might be the shit with Hyd buses, you can’t resist getting into them, especially at times when you really need them. After an hour long travel in the not so crowded RTC bus and a share auto, I finally reached my cousin’s home.

I was welcomed by Sravya and Sumedha, my couisins daughters, who were getting ready to go to school. I greeted every one in the house and got refreshed. I started to play with theirs neighbour’s small kid. She was a cute, sweet, talkative gal. On seeing her, I wonder how kids these days are so multi-talented. At an early age, our fathers were far beyond compared to the skills we had and in turn we lag far behind the skills of small kids today.

In the evening we went to Puri Jagannath temple built similar to Puri’s temple located behind Telangana Bhavan. In the return journey, I got a chance to see some of the residences of our beloved silver screen stars. I’ve seen the rescidences of Ballaya Babu, Venki, Suresh Babu, Ramanaidu, Pavan Kalyan, Madhavi, Sri Hari and Chiranjeevi Blood Bank. Returned home. Had dinner followed by a happy sleep. That’s all for today 😛

P.S. I was there in Hyd to appear for JTO exam. I did not even carry a single book…to say strictly, not even a single paper. It’s a jolly trip to Hyd after a long time. I went some time way back in my second year holidays.


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