What the f***.The King of POP is no more!!!

“What the f**k.The King of POP is no more!!!”

This was my reaction, on hearing the news that our beloved MJ died today because of cardiac arrest. May his soul rest in peace…

If Pop music is the Life, MJ is the spirit…We love U…Michael…..

Though he may not be here with us physically, but he’s always in our hearts…

Long Live King of Pop!!! U rock!!!

After reading these few lines, you are of the opinion that I’m a die hard fan of MJ. But, the truth is I’m not. Nor do I hate him. I am neutral towards him. But his death has made me write these lines. Yes, I’m sad today. Don’t know Why???

I never listened to his pop albums nor did I watch his videos. I think…I‘ve seen his Thriller and History of MJ videos and a making of one of his album (name not known to me!!!). I never really thought of listening to his songs. But his death has moved me. I was dull today.

I read many articles on MJ today on net and then I got to know why people loved him, Why they were so mad about him, Why only him….

The history of MJ has ups that reached Mt. Everest and downs that reached Dead Valley. But what ever has happened to him, he is always to be remembered as King of Pop.

If a person like me who was neutral towards MJ could be moved by his death, then what might be the reaction of the hard-core fans of MJ?????


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