Chalo Hyderabad!!! (Chalo JTO! #1)

Chalo Hyderabad!!!!

“Train No 7015, Bhuvaneshwar to Secunderabad Junction is going to arrive on….” made me come to this world from my never ending thoughts. Revanth (Rev), Sourav (Ghajini) and I were waiting on the platform for Santosh (Pilanco) to arrive. We all are going to Hyderabad to appear for JTO exam. We actually planned a jolly-trip. (Exams may come and go but these memories are always with me).

Pillu arrived exactly 2 min before the train departed from Vizag station. Rev started his unending chatting, most of it being non-sense, to keep all of us engaged. However, Ghajini had his own style of entertaining us. He’s always there to make us giggle at him with his funny expressions and doubts. Of course Rev always teased him. Pillu and I simply watched the fun and encountered them whenever we got a chance.

We played cards for some time and off to our berths for a “peace” and “sound” sleep for about 4 to 5 hrs.

And we were welcomed by Secunderabad by its early morning sun rays striking us from the opened window of our cupey.

We broke at the station. The three fellows stayed in a hotel somewhere near Kairatabad (I think so). I went to my cousin’s home at KPHB Colony. The only thing that I ‘m well used to in Hyderabad is to move from station to my cousins home and from there to all my relatives homes scattered across the twin-cities. I generally travel on typical Hyderabadi buses because the cab or the auto-fare can buy me a ticket back to Vizag (I always felt that these buses should be tied and drowned in Hussain Sagar for their advanced international standards).


3 comments on “Chalo Hyderabad!!! (Chalo JTO! #1)

  1. shankar says:

    org ghajini has six pack ..our ghajini has chubbby cheks 😛
    and your last stattement abt the busses of hyd is exactly correct..must be done..

  2. Sunil Ramavarapu says:

    @ shankar: Yup! damn these Hyd buses…Vizag is far…nooo farthest best compared to Hyd…lol… 😛

  3. chiru "Beyond Universe..." says:

    really funny guys..

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