The Last Night…

There were a few high tides in the sea. We sat on the wet rocks on the sea shore of Teneti Park. The cool breeze from the sea soothed us. And…

” I feel that these 4 years of engineering went on like a few seconds.”
” Yup! Me too. Of course this happens to every one. One has to pass through these stages.”
“It’s really been a wonderful time to spend in Vizag. I miss this place, this atmosphere.”
“Yes. This place is like heaven. But I’m not gona miss this.”

We were disturbed by a gang of girls who crossed us to climb the rocks. They were about 5 beautiful girls taking snaps with their digi-cam. They were enjoying themselves.

“I have come to this park 3 or 4 times, but not right here. I think i have missed such scenes in past.”
“Whatever! But the gal I told you yesterday on phone was simply superb.  She rocked Rushikonda beach like anything. There was not even a single male who couldn’t take his eye off her…Beauty in the beach!”
“Hey. I happened to meet a gal on phone from Pune. She was asking me to counsel her bro who got completely drowned in e-biz. I said Ok!”
” Hey! That’s cool man. What happened next????”
“I got calls from her for about 3 or 4 days. Every time I used to hang the call, I found myself talking to her the whole night. It was something amazing. It never happened to me before. But this was awesome. After these days of continuous talking, we were now good friends. Wonder! How people get to become friends in such a short time???”
“Don’t you remember how we became buddies?”
” The tree”. Both of us shouted.
“Yes, the tree! The day the Ad-man Soundar Rajan came…”

We laughed out loud looking at each other. The aunties who sat a few steps behind wondered why we were laughing like this and gave a weird expression. Of course, they went off after their good looking granddaughter came to them and signaled that its about time to move on.
We sat there on those wet rocks for about 20 min after those aunties left. We did not talk much but enjoyed the high tides coming on to the shore. At times, Satya took out glasses to clean the moisture.


Soon we were on the lush green lawn on the top of Tenenti Park. We watched the people roaming here and there.

“I’m feeling uneasy these days. Not knowing what to do…just killing time. Don’t know whether to prepare for DRDO or SAIL or completely concentrate on CAT. This is a hard time to decide.”
“Hey! Nothing to worry. Prepare for the exams as of now but also start seriously preparing for CAT. I too need to start preparing for CAT once I am in Hyderabad.”
We were here, on these beautiful lawns for about 2 hours. The temperature went down and slowly it’s getting cool here. May be, the beach has something to do with this.
We were about to leave from this place. I am not in a mood to move out from this place but the fast track watch of mine reminds me that I ‘m running out of time.

“The Last Night…” We said to each other at the same time and smiled at each other.

May be this was the “Last Night!”
The Last night we were being together. The Last night of Satya’s stay in Vizag. The Last night in sharing our 4 years of experiences. The Last Night of our endless chatting. The Last Night we smiled at each other. The Last Night we looked at each other. The Last Night that can ever be lost from our hearts.

The Last Night….


2 comments on “The Last Night…

  1. satya_eee1 says:

    This article is makin me feel nostalgic ra.. Yea.. The last night at Vizag..I've never thought tat it'd be great..thanks for makin it memorable ra..will rock in hyd too..

  2. Sunil Ramavarapu says:

    @ Satya: We do sure rock in Hyderabad too… Hey Hyderabad!! Here we come…

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