Its high time for me since dec 1 and it still haunts me in this new year. I am done with GRE and need to write TOFEL( feel like smashing the people of ETS for no reason probably…). An year has passed away and i still remain the same, the same old homosapien(GRE radiations effect). I always like to change myself when compared to the year before, but i end up becoming stagnant.

A resolution is taken by everyone, but only to be followed by some. I belong to the second category. This year’s resolution is to write the dairy, probably documenting my life. But, i am undone with this…No dairy boss!
Atleast trying to scrap this blog frequently. I will definitely like to fullfill some of my greedy desires like going for a long drive on the beach road with no restrictions, shoot as I like with digital camera(i am good photographer…put my clicks sometime later) and make a video, to screen play for a story. Lets see whether i can satisfy my greed…..
One thing left to say…Happy New year…have a wonderful year  ahead…Celebratye Life…

One comment on “Me….Resolution???

  1. Sunil Ramavarapu says:

    @ Murthy: No,sir.I dropped the plans of going for US due to rescission. May be next year..hopefully if all goes well….

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