My Experiences with LIFE # 02


The answer i got was “Reading makes a full man, Conference a ready man and Writing an exact man….

Started with great enthusiasm, with lots of emotions and expressions to express before you all….

But I was lost in the middle, unable to continue to blog regularly…many reasons….whatever they might be….past is past…but future is ????, only the present is what you can do.

People say that life is very short…live it…rock it…Cool buddy.. many phrases to express about life….

I don’t believe that LIFE is so short and also not too long. I strongly believe that this opinion differs from person to person. I say LIFE is a long journey and you must enjoy every second of it, even its good or bad for you, even if you get the top rank in a semester exam or you got caught with a slip in the semester.It  is on  how you take things, how you face them and at the end of the day, the satisfaction you get of things you have done matters the most.

Its not an analysis from a typical survey, its what I have learnt from my LIFE. It thought me many, in fact every thing i got & i  lost. LIFE is a very complicated concept which confuses you, teaches you useful things as well as bull-shit things…

Yes, this is one such opinion I think might never change throughout my LIFE.

I entered the fourth year with lot of dreams( in fact full of dreams). I thought to write an article per day in this blog (the result is known to you all)… God!! Damn shit things happen in LIFE and you need to stand,face them and win over them.

The first damn shit thing is the project that I have chosen (forced to chose). My God!! Is this a project or what. I never thought the fourth year to be in such a  mess of things that made me feel ” Do I need to do these all damn f****ing things??”. I am sorry!! We (the best* batch) started a project titled “A PC Based Phase Meter”. Nothing was known to me at the submission of the abstract, but when we have started working on the project, we came to known its original soul (too much…to call it a “soul”). I have spent many sleepless nights and was unable to do  what i wanted to in fourth year(will tell them later). The project is not yet completed and Cheerio!!! we have submitted a detailed report on our project. Thanks to our Dept. which make things happen in the way they should not be done. I don’t know, whether I can complete the project or not, but it has to be done by me and me only( my batch co-operates me  very well???!!!)… Its haunts me every second i think about academics, fourth year, dusshera holidays… Lot of sour and sweet experiences, twists and turns, ups and downs… this is a perfect mix of what is called LIFE. I don’t know whether i can win over these circumstances as destiny is already written before hand. Give your best and wait for the consequences you need to face.

The second damn shit thing is the ” Faraday Memorial”, our dept. function. I was the organiser of the “Experience the Extremity”, mock campus placements. It was successful but behind the scenes was damn sucking for me. Adding to my headache was the SPARK magazine design and editing (Editor! man…). The circumstances forced me to listen to the boring stories and tales of HOD, standing in her office for hours. I was very much tensed about the printing of the magazine. I got through many shops to get it done. Damn these things…

But this is one side of the coin. On the other side lies the sweet memories of the sour experiences….(contd.???)


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