Quit as Leader…

I had a dream since my childhood. The dream to be a class leader.I think I was the leader in the second class for about 2 or 3 months. Anyways I don’t remember much about that. After that I was not given a chance to be a leader for a long time. As I grew, the strong liking towards leadership also grew.This is bcoz I can write the names of students talking in the class and I can escape punishments from teacher. I topped the exams in 9th but was unable to get the leader post and the reasons for it are still unknown even today???…
Then came the period of Sunil as The Leader. Its Tenth class. I was sure I was going to be the Class leader but Mr.Thonda(Mr Ramana Rao, our class teacher) didn’t appoint me as the class leader. Moreover he appointed girls for both boy and girl leader post. I was crestfallen and I thought that my dream to become class leader during schooling would remain as a dream. But somewhere in my heart, there is a hope that I might become Class leader. I was made class leader ,under dramatic situations, for about 4 months. I enjoyed each and every single second as a class leader. The badge that reflects “THE CLASS LEADER” on my tie and my face used to lighten up every time i see it on my tie. That was one of the most unforgettable days…
I joined in Narayana Junior College where there used to be Jailers ( The wardens) who felt that they were the dictators of the college indeed whole world, I must say.So there was no chance for me to become class leader. I thought that My schooling gave me the first and last chance to lead the class..
Year 2005…This year completely metamorphosised me in many ways and even showed me,my different shades. I joined Engineering.In the second year,I was made as Member of AMC(some stupid committee that i dont even remember the full form). I was the “Class Committee Member” but not active in the real sense. I was actually CR but Sourav was made to become CR. This is because I lost interest in doing this. I was inactive up to my completion of 2 nd year.
Year 2007… I was made the “Class Representative”, in short Class Servant. I was forced in the beginning and later got adapted to it. After 1 1/2 month, I got myself completely accustomed to it.It was the reign when I was feeling myself completely relaxed even working as CR.
But “LIFE” always sucks you…I was ordered to attend each and every Single Meeting of Gollapudi.U might be wondering Who is this Gollapudi? Well Guys…He is the “dynamic” Placement Officer. I can not narrate (in this post) the way He conducts meetings, Golla’s style icons and the all Gollapudi…as it takes the shape of the “Fountainhead” novel by Ayn Ryand. Well I promise u that I will write some of my experiences with him. I experienced the difficulties similar to that of the prisoners in Andaman & Nicobar ‘s Cellular Jail( Too much U say.. Well U will feel the same with Gollapudi…). He always used to suck us, irritate us, and made us do damn fishing things which no human being one does.
This finally changed my perspective of CR. I finally “resigned” officially. But the last year as CR made me experience lots n lots of LIFE….
Now I like to be Called as Sunil, EX CR???…..


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