Day 1: The long thirsty summer is slowly going down and the rains gradually started to make me cool and relaxed. But, the volcanic explosion in my heart doesn’t keep me as cool as I should be. The nights started to be sleepless and the days passed on as the water on the Niagara Water falls. And finally the day has come. The day that may fulfill the dreams of a few Gitamites, but destroy the dreams of many. Its 3rd JULY and its TCS written exam.

We (EEE Dept.) are told to assemble at 1.30pm at the Ambedkar Seminar Hall. The test was at 2.30pm. As TCS tag line says “Experience Certainty”, Our College administration made us think “Gitam” with a tag line “Experience Uncertainty”. The test started at sharp 7.00pm.Wow! How “certain” it was that our college made us experience “Uncertainty”.

12.45 pm…….Satya, Venki and I were preparing the TCS quanta material I bought. That was the first (and may be the last) time I studied in The Temple of our University,Gitam Knowledge Resource Centre”. Sounds weird! What’s this Knowledge Resource Centre? Is it any kind of R & D centre?… Friends! This is what we call our library. I had great fun when Satya started to mug up the answers of Quanta and especially the way he mugged up the Barron’s Critical Reasoning. Its about time…We entered the den of Arthur Cotton Bhavan*… It’s our Training & Placement Officer Cell, shortly called Gollapudi’s Adda. He was already present there giving out galliyas* to the students over there. We waited there from 5.20 pm to 6.45pm. Damn fishing time to spend with Gollapudi there.

6.50 pm……We were seated in the Computer labs and ready to start the test. My ID was GIT440. It’s an online test and any error with the Id or pass code, you are out. I typed GIT 440 and the system said Invalid Code. I was shocked. I thought I was out. The invigilator (TCS In charge) analyzed and made some modifications in the main server and told me to re-enter again. I typed the code again and it said” Invalid Code”. This time I thought my chances are nil and I have to start preparing for Wipro. They made me to sit at another computer and then I typed GIT440 and it was the correct code, not GIT 440. I felt relaxed when question paper was downloaded into the system. Slowly I started answering the paper.

The first section was Verbal and I completed it before 2 min. The next paper was Quanta. The papers get downloaded automatically when the time limit for each section was reached. Time Limit for Verbal, quanta and reasoning was 20, 40 and 30 min respectively. The questions in Quanta were not repeated except 8 or 10 out of 38. I had to try hard to get answers to those sums. I finished it 2 ½ min before the slot closes. The next session was Critical reasoning. It was said that all the reasoning will be from Barrons 12th Ed. But I think it’s not with me. All the three passages were out of Barrons. I was shocked to see those questions as I did all the questions in Barrons for 3 times. I took 25 min to complete that slot whereas others took hardly 10 min. I was feeling nervous whether I would get selected or not as I was not expecting this kind of question paper. I felt Verbal was the easiest paper out of all.

I clicked “Exit”. Then the following message appeared on my screen… ”Congratulations! You have cleared the TCS Aptitude test”. I was happy to see that message displayed on the screen. I went to Satya’s system. He was sitting in front of the system with a doubtful expression on his face. I patted him and asked to click Exit. The same msg was displayed. We both are happy. I could not find Venki in that room, the room where we wrote written test. I later came to know that he was also selected.

Suddenly, all were gathering around RK’s system. He was one of the toppers of our class. He got rejected. I felt sorry for him. They gave us a form to be filled up. Then started my trouble… I had to glue a photo of mine on that form. But I was left with no photographs. So, I had to rush to RTC complex to get the photos.

8.35 pm…….Sourav dropped me up to Endada. There, I was accompanied by Pilanco (B Santosh) and his bro. I was on their bike moving at 65kmph. Suddenly, two jerks and…… the bike stopped at middle of an inclined road, just yards after zoo. Then we pushed the bike up to the top of the road. There, I got into a share auto coming from Zoo.

9.15 pm…. I was at the photo studio and they handed over the photos to me after 10 min. I was back in the auto at 9.30 pm. I went to my home at 10.10 pm. I took the dinner at 10.40 and slept at 11.00pm….

This is my first day of “Campus” in our college. On the whole, I enjoyed the day. I was eagerly waiting for the next day…..


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