Marriage is a phase that every one of us crosses it at some stage in our life. Some are too enthusiastic to get married at an early age while many prefer to drag on this crossing stage and keep enjoying with their bachelor life. You might be wondering why I started giving lectures on “marriage”. There’s nothing secretive in this. I attended a marriage ceremony on 27th April. There I noticed many some facts which I would like to share in this posting…
Many of us think that marriage is so boring yaar. We have to sit and watch the puja and the rituals going on. It would rather be very much exciting for the new couple and not for the teenagers, especially for the age group between 16- 24. So what do they normally do???…
Boys normally scan the whole place to find the girls of their age group. Girls also do the same thing to find boys but hide their feelings. Normally boys try to start up the conversation with the girls. I also noticed that girls are also very much willing to converse with boys before they speak out to them.
One of the standard ways of starting conversations…
Boy: Hi!! I am Anil. I belong to bride’s family. What about you?
Girl: Hello!! I am Sri Valli. I belong to bridegroom’s family.
Anil: Oh! I see… Where do u stay? What are u doing?
Sri: I stay at Vizag and I am doing my engineering…
The conversation started in a very formal way finally leads to such an extent that any one who listen to their conversation think that they knew each other for many years…
Boys normally try to know their likes & dislikes, attitude, try to get as much as they can get about her personal life like any boyfriends , crushes and the like..
Girls generally try to get the boys full attention towards them. They want to enjoy his company and they expect us to crack some jokes or describe any funny moments. They don’t like the self boosting way of talking. They get deeply impressed when u talk about your aims or targets in life but at the same time they don’t want a serious talk on how u wana shape ur future. They like u to be jovial, cool, have respect to girl’s feelings and listen to what they say. They wanted the boy to have some “bhakti” and at the same time, he should be modern.
The most important things that boys must remember is to speak truth to a girl in all aspects as far as possible. Don’t try to hurt their feelings in front of all. Maintain eye to eye contact and don’t let her feel bored and most important not to make her feel that you are neglecting her…
If these things are kept in boys mind, I am sure that they are definitely gona find some memorable, lovely & hot conversations with beautiful girls all around them…


2 comments on “Girls@Marriage

  1. shankar says:

    chala talent vadavu ra.

  2. Sunil Ramavarapu says:

    @Shankar:You have a strong database and a powerful antivirus scan. Before U, I am nothing ra…Keep rockin…Keep visiting…

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