My Experiences with LIFE # 01

LIFE- God’s Gift

It’s a very simple way to start off a very complicated topic. When I think of these 4 letter word, I get a bit confused as what LIFE has taught me. I like this saying about LIFE -“LIFE, If U take out the F (fact) in it, it’s a LIE”. Yes, we all are addicted in lying all the time. Sometimes I feel “Can I say truth only for at least for 1 day”. The answer I get is “Yes, definitely impossible”. The lifestyle has made us to speak lies as it’s hard to survive without   it in this world today….

Here I want to share one of my experiences with Life………

When I was about 5 or 6 yrs of age, my grandpa gave me a gift. It’s T-shirt. He asked me how the shirt was. I said that I didn’t like the shirt at all as I don’t like the color and it’s too long for me. It’s a waste of giving it to me.

I said “The bold truth”. Do u know the reward I got for saying the so called “The bold truth”? Lots of dishum dishumms from my dad & sis…There started the confusion whether to tell truth or lie. Of course I too got addicted to speak lies as it is a common feature in all our blood.

LIFE taught me that U have to solely receive the “rewards” for speaking “The bold truth”. But LIFE complicates anything it teaches U as it is by nature very complicated to understand….

When I was in 7th class, I wanted to fool my parents on the eve of April 1st. I told them a story…Here it is

“I pushed a boy in the school and he got his eyes injured. The teachers took him to hospital and Doctors said that his right eye was damaged and he will not be able to see with his right eye. Principal ordered me to bring parents”

We all went to Principal’s office and my father was apologizing for what I have done. Principal Sir did not understand what’s going on. Later I told them the prank I played on them. Do u know the effects of that prank:

1. Sweet threat of giving me T.C (from Principal)

2. If repetition of this kind in future…… Wining a trip to boarding school for 5 years…. (from my Dad)

Here comes the complicated nature of LIFE, as it is the one which taught me that speaking the so called “The bold Truth” lead U to “Very Sound” position….Now it teaches me that lying also lead U to bumper bonanza offers (for sample as the offers stated above)…..At that moment of time I was very confused whether to speak the bold truth or lie…..When I was about to take a decision on speaking truth or lie, The twist in the story comes as LIFE doesn’t stop playing games with us.

In my eighth class, I took Rs250 from my mom saying that I have to pay for the breakage of cupboard. After a week or so, my mom met my class teacher and enquired about this cupboard matter. She came to know that I donated it to SOS, an organization in our school which helps poor people to pay their school fees. My mom was very happy for what I have done and gave me a sweet puppy and a warm hug. I was totally shocked for what has happened???!!!!……

During my half-yearly exams in eighth standard, I took my dad’s watch to exams. He was using that watch since 20 yrs. obviously the watch was lost during the day of our last exam…..What to do?… What should I answer to my dad?.. I decided to say the so called “The Bold Truth”. To my astonishment, my dad didn’t “reward” me for the “great work” I have done very successfully. He rather praised me for boldly saying the truth with out lying.

These two incidents completely made me come to a decision that understanding LIFE will at least take one lifetime. From then onwards I was always trying to understand the nature of LIFE, in the scenario of TRUTH or LIES, from any chance or experience I get through.

So I have decided to blog in such a way that each & every letter here reflects the so called “The Bold Truth”. I feel very happy to speak “truth only”, at least in this virtual world.


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